• Prepare runner bean supports and framework.
  • Put straw around your strawberry plants.
  • It can still be chilly so don’t forget to harden plants off before planting them out.
  • Mulch soil to retain moisture; you can use newspaper, grass cuttings, leaf mould and straw.

Sow outdoors; Beetroot, cabbages (autumn), calebrese, carrots, cauliflowers, chicory, courgettes, French beans, lettuce, marrows, peas, pumpkins, radish, runner beans, spring onions, swedes, sweetcorn, swiss chard, squash.

Plant out; Leeks & brassicas that have been grown in greenhouse and hardened off outside.

Eat this month; Asparagus, cabbages (spring), lettuce, radish, rocket.

Top Tips; Water soak marrow and courgette seeds overnight for a good start.

Straw can be used as an insulator and also as a slug deterrent.



  • Encourage runner beans up their supports.
  • Make sure potatoes are earthed up.
  • Remove all side shoots from tomatoes, and if some of the flowers have set, start to feed the plants.
  • If you are watering your allotment, do it early in the morning or late afternoon to avoid evaporation – and soak rather than splash.
  • Peg down strawberry runners.
  • Protect any fruit with netting.

Sow outdoors this month;

  • Calabrese
  • Carrots
  • Chicory
  • French and runner beans
  • Kohl rabi
  • Lettuce
  • Turnips and Swedes.

You might be eating your first early potatoes this month, along with beetroot, broad beans, globe artichokes, lettuce, peas, radish and rocket.


When you lift your first early potatoes, why not keep a few tubers aside and replant in a sunny spot. By late September they will need covering with cloches to protect them and then you could dig them up to have with your Xmas dinner.


Broccoli  –  Brussels sprouts  –  Cabbages  –  Celeriac  –  Courgettes  –  Cucumbers  –  French beans  – Sweet corn  –  Tomatoes.



  • Water your tomatoes and sweetcorn; don’t water when it is hot and sunny. Tie in your tomatoes and remove the side shoots.
  • Runner beans; when they are tall enough, remove the leading shoots to encourage heavier cropping.
  • Start to lift onions and leave out to dry.
  • Lift early potatoes.
  • Harvest calebrese heads to encourage others to develop to the side.

You could be sowing outside;

  • More carrots – Chinese cabbages  – Lettuce  – Pak choi  – Peas for the autumn  – Spring cabbages.

You could be planting out;

  • Beetroot  – Calebrese – French beans – Leeks – Runner beans – Turnips – Winter brassicas.


  • Mulch on dry spots to retain moisture
  • You could try nastertium flowers and leaves in salads

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