• Water your tomatoes and sweetcorn; don’t water when it is hot and sunny. Tie in your tomatoes and remove the side shoots.
  • Runner beans; when they are tall enough, remove the leading shoots to encourage heavier cropping.
  • Start to lift onions and leave out to dry.
  • Lift early potatoes.
  • Harvest calebrese heads to encourage others to develop to the side.

You could be sowing outside;

  • More carrots – Chinese cabbages  – Lettuce  – Pak choi  – Peas for the autumn  – Spring cabbages.

You could be planting out;

  • Beetroot  – Calebrese – French beans – Leeks – Runner beans – Turnips – Winter brassicas.


  • Mulch on dry spots to retain moisture
  • You could try nastertium flowers and leaves in salads