• Prepare runner bean supports and framework.
  • Put straw around your strawberry plants.
  • It can still be chilly so don’t forget to harden plants off before planting them out.
  • Mulch soil to retain moisture; you can use newspaper, grass cuttings, leaf mould and straw.

Sow outdoors; Beetroot, cabbages (autumn), calebrese, carrots, cauliflowers, chicory, courgettes, French beans, lettuce, marrows, peas, pumpkins, radish, runner beans, spring onions, swedes, sweetcorn, swiss chard, squash.

Plant out; Leeks & brassicas that have been grown in greenhouse and hardened off outside.

Eat this month; Asparagus, cabbages (spring), lettuce, radish, rocket.

Top Tips; Water soak marrow and courgette seeds overnight for a good start.

Straw can be used as an insulator and also as a slug deterrent.