• Have you got your plot plan decided yet? It’s about time you did!
  • If your grass in the garden has started to grow it is a sign that the soil has warmed up a bit and you could consider starting planting (maybe around the middle to the end of the month).
  • When the weather gets a little more clement, and the soil a bit warmer, you could consider sowing the following outdoors;
    • Jerusalem artichokes
    • broad beans
    • chervil
    • parsnips
  • Black polythene spread over areas of your soil will warm it up and give you a head start on planting.
  • You might think about chitting your first early potatoes.
  • Horticultural fleece could be useful to cover your fruit bushes and strawberry plants.

If you had been working your allotment last year, you could be eating your own, home grown;

Brussels Sprouts

Plus, of course, anything you have stored (like potatoes carrots, Butternut quash and onions).


  • Collect loo roll middles; good for sowing your runner beans in and then planting out directly when the time is right.
  • Save up old newspapers – useful for putting underneath your runner beans or for making into biodegradable pots to sow seeds in (such as tomatoes, courgettes, peppers etc.)